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Here's a reminder of what you will receive with this package:-

Fast Start Package Direct Response Marketing Website (This is a Website specifically designed for ACTION!)
First Page Customer Contact Report written for you(You’ll need to offer something compelling to collect contact details)
Google Analytics – tracking your Webpage visitors(This will show you how many visitors and when you get to your site)
Profile written for your Online Presence(It's a good idea to be consistent in telling your customers who you are)
Google Local Listings(This helps get you on page one)
Google Maps Listings(This also helps you get on page one)
Social Media Listings: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn(This is where you interact with your customers and potential customers)
YouTube Account set up(Everyone loves a Movie, so we better make it Memorable!)
Gmail Account set-up(Best e-mail address, most versatile and FREE)
Auto-responder set up(Part of your Website)
E-mail Campaign Templates for 9-Step Approach DIY(Keep in touch with your customers, weekly is best)
One Article Campaign to drive customers to your site(One of many FREE ways to get customers to visit your site)
Keys to ALL site set-ups



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First 5 only will get the Jewellers Fast Start Package for JUST  AU$1,997

Here's to YOU and Your Sales Success!