Marketing Jewellery

Making sales is for your satisfaction. Marketing is for your customer’s satisfaction.

The range of products offered must be relevant and meet your customers’ desires however, often Jewellers buy in merchandise which was chosen on personal preference or by recommendation from a Merchandise Representative.

Creativity is essential if you wish to capture and hold your customers’ interest. As Jewellers you must differentiate yourself to grab a larger share of the pie.

• Bold Visual Marketing

For your customers the entire shopping experience contributes to the decision making process “To Buy – or not – To Buy”.
How can you make your window displays more inviting? Do you apply a ‘less is more’ theory, creating visually bold statements with colour, shapes and emotive scenes?
Are you changing your displays with every event and season, bringing out the emotion a customer would feel when considering a Jewellery purchase?
An approach that’s worked well for a London Jeweller and helped set him apart, he says:
Being bold can mean Rubber Ducks amongst Children’s Jewellery, plastic Fried Eggs with a display of coloured gemstones.

Be brave with your visual merchandising and develop ideas that will make your business stand out!

• Sexy Product Selections

Because Marketing is for your customer’s satisfaction you need to know who your customers are, what they prefer, how they choose their Jewellery, based on what criteria are they choosing what to buy?
Finding the right bold visual statement to attract your customers does not depend on a qualified designer but the knowledge on how to apply clever Marketing and we all know sex sells! So how do you put this tactfully into your displays and which type of Jewellery is considered “sexy” by your customers? Displaying Diamonds with Lace is only one way of implying “sexy”.

Find out what your customers see as “sexy’ Jewellery.

You can start by checking out women’s magazines and reading all about the current trends. This is more to the core then asking your merchandise representative. But to really get the right idea, do a customer survey, yes ask your customers directly. Do reward your customers for taking the time to help you!

How creative can you be and make a survey fun for all?

• Refreshingly Revised Sales Offers

Are there ways to improve the way you conduct sales? Good Jewellery salesmanship is
mostly about imparting information. How well trained is your staff, not only in product but also PEOPLE knowledge? Are your sales people using a passionate, fresh and friendly approach that is genuine?
Sales and sales offers are not only about lower prices but very much entangled in how your store, your staff and your service is perceived by your customers.
Develop recognisable designs for your displays as well as your staff. The buying experience determines how much, at what price and how often your customers are willing to come back and make you their preferred Jeweller.

Fresh Sales Offers deliver higher profits!