Are you giving away Sales?

Sigrid de Kaste asks:
Australian Jewellers:
Why Are You giving away Your Sales?????


27,100   Australian Customers searched for Diamond Rings
40,500   Australian Customers searched for Engagement     Rings
60,500   Australian Customers searched for Earrings
90,500   Australian Customers searched for Jewellers
368,000   Australian Customers searched for Jewellery

Where were YOU when these Customers searched on Google?????

Knowing where today’s customers are researching your products

“We’ve been researching and implementing Online Marketing and Social Media Exposure and the impact it has on Small Business in general and Jewellers in particular, for most of this year.

We know that the Australian Bureau of Statistics quotes only 27% of Small Businesses in Australia have a Website BUT:

87% of consumers surveyed said they searched for businesses with Google

NOT Yellow Pages, 

NOT local and Trade Directories.

Australian Jewellers are not easily or not at all found on Google!”

Australian Jewellers, claim what’s Yours!


Imagine……getting just 1% of 60,500 enquiries

That’s 605 new enquiries a month for Earrings??? 
What would that do for your Sales?     

If you are sick and tired of working hard in your Shop, and Not getting the Sales… then this is Your opportunity one you cannot afford to miss


Why Australian Jewellers are missing out on Sales 

All was revealed in a survey conducted by Sigrid de Kaste, Marketing Consultant, Coach and Advisor specializing in the Jewellery Industry.

Sigrid found that less than 1/3 of Australian Jewellers can be found on the Internet and those with a Website or Trade Directory Listing Cannot be found on GOOGLE!!

Understanding how Internet Marketing can increase Sales

The Internet and the concept of Internet Marketing is still something new to Australian Jewellers and anything new seems difficult to work with.

Australian Jewellers over 50, fully involved in their business on an everyday basis don’t see the Internet as an important part of their everyday Marketing activities because they don’t understand what being on the Internet can actually do for them in terms of Sales. They hear negative sales stories about Internet Sales and are afraid to lose stock and money if they sell online.

Jewellers around the World have a strong Presence Online

“We deal with Jewellers around the world who have a strong presence online. That does not necessarily have to be selling stock. Simply being found online and being referred to in Social Media by customers has an enormous positive effect on sales,” says Sigrid.

Knowing how Data collection can help Cut Stock Holding

The survey conducted by Sigrid de Kaste further revealed Australian Jewellers are used to making stock purchase decisions  to a large extend on the basis of what’s sold fast (fast sellers).  

Realistically this is historical data and NOT something you can easily base stock purchase decisions on when you are dealing with Fashion Trends and consumer behaviour based on emotion.

Predicting what type of stock to buy for your customers

In order to ascertain what customers are likely to buy, the easiest way is to ask them however, for Australian Jewellers, the survey revealed, the concept of collecting customer information is perceived to be an intrusion on the customer’s time.

If Australian Jewellers were actively online they would find they have huge potential finding out what their customers and potential customers are looking for without any intrusion on the customer’s time.

Knowing more about your customers and what they like and dislike offers incredible savings in stock holding and can prevent overstocking by up to 80%.

Achieving higher Profits with Online Marketing 

Australian Jewellers said they are used to catalogue marketing because it’s being promoted to them however, they do not measure the results consistently and cannot be sure whether they are making or losing profits with this marketing activity which creates a vulnerability to overstocking and leaves many Jewellers with dead stock.

Online and Social Media Marketing offers Australian Jewellers easy to use and clearly measurable means assuring sales and profits will be gained from Marketing activities and costs kept down.

Attracting new Customers without spending thousands of Dollars on Advertising

Sigrid de Kaste’s survey revealed Australian Jewellers spend significant amounts of money on Advertising and catalogue distribution in order to get new customers.

In comparison, Internet Marketing offers a number of low cost opportunities to get more customers and sales and can significantly reduce stock holding.

Results that speak for themselves

Are you sick and tired of working hard in your Business and Not getting the Sales?

Then this is Your opportunity, one you cannot miss…

Imagine……getting just 1% of 27,100

That’s 271 enquiries a month for Diamond Rings???

What would that do for your Sales?


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